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Why Rewards-Based Reviews are Better.

Experience the rewarding future of ratings and reviews.

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Phreeviews is a rewards-based rating and review platform that will revolutionize the online ratings and reviews process by rewarding its users.

How it works.

Within the Phreeviews app, those users who submit ratings and write reviews about Phinge users or Phinge partner merchants and businesses are rewarded with a percentage of the gross amount spent by other users who view those posts and make purchases based on those reviews.

The rewards are issued in Phreewards credits. Phreewards is the rewards payment platform for Phinge which will be integrated across all Phinge platforms and will eventually be available on all participating Phinge partner merchant and business platforms. Phinge users may spend their earned Phreewards with any Phinge user or partner merchants and businesses at any time.

Ratings and reviews may be submitted at any time but only after the reviewer has purchased goods and services, and only once per transaction. This will help to curtail fake positive or negative reviews.

How many businesses today have had customers who had positive experiences but did not take the time to write reviews? With Phreeviews rewards, customers will have the added incentive to write reviews to earn rewards that spend the same as cash at any of the Phinge Platforms and participating partner merchants and businesses.

All Phinge users, merchants, and businesses will have ratings. To help improve ratings and sales, merchants and businesses will have a way to immediately reach out and interact with reviewers through their anonymous user names to help address any negative ratings and reviews and try to improve the experience, perhaps by offering a future incentive to the consumer to return. Customers will then have the option to follow up and amend and supplement their original reviews thus improving their merchant or business rating.

Phreeviews will be inherently more reliable and trustworthy than other review sites by employing advanced features, procedures and algorithms to prevent duplicate and fake reviews.

Phreeviews will be available soon on Piccial and Phriendle social media platforms, and will also be available on all future Phinge platforms and participating Phinge partner merchants and businesses platforms.

Experience the rewarding future of ratings and reviews through our interactive applications and videos here:

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Phreeviews will change the way the world reviews businesses.

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